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Favignana tour from Trapani, choose the best fleet: Egadi Escursioni!

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The "Costa del Sole" motorboat is the largest and fastest among those available at the Trapani dock; immediately followed by the "Intrepido" motorboat. Both provide all the comforts necessary to spend a pleasant day in the Egadi sea.

Led by the expert hands of the commander Massimo and his Crew, they will take you to the discovery of Levanzo and Favignana tour from Trapani - or Marettimo - visiting together the most beautiful and renowned bays and the most hidden caves, unreachable by land.

An edge of the "Costa del Sole" and of the "Intrepido": the real stretch of the Egadi Islands: the most beautiful stretch of coast of western Sicily; take a swim in the pristine sea and taste typical dishes of traditional local cuisine on board.

Egadi Islands or simply for transfers from Trapani to Favignana means experiencing the experience of a small boat cruise told and then lived with the eyes of the natives of the place.


The Costa del Sole motorboat is spread over three decks, giving you the opportunity to choose whether to enjoy the shade of the interior or to let yourself go to the cool summer breeze of the open spaces on the first and second floors.

Technical Specifications MB Costa del Sole (click here)

on board the M / N Costa del Sole you can take part in the mini cruise

on board the MB Intrepido you can take part in

The Intrepido motorboat instead develops on two levels, of which the lower one is preferred for the comfort of the interiors, the external bridge is suggested for a fresher and suggestive experience.

Technical Specifications MB Intrepido (click here)

On board the "Marabù" boat you can experience an exclusive boat trip to Marettimo, or Favignana tour from Trapani.
This excursion includes the complete tour of the island, with a visit to the coast (and the caves in the Marettimo tour) and many swimming stops in the clear Aegadian waters. Tasting on board based on the typical "pane cunzato", water and wine already included in the price. At the express request of passengers or for specific meteorological reasons, it is possible to apply the same program of the Costa del Sole (Favignana and Levanzo) on board the Marabù.

Technical Specifications Marabù (click here)

onboard the Marabù you can take part in

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