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Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are more than just places, they are experiences to be lived.

That's why neither the words nor the Favignana pictures will make perfectly the idea of our boat trips. But we want to give you a taste of this experience constantly updating our photo gallery and making it available to your curiosity.

The Crew, the Staff, the Fleet



The boat ride includes several moments of fun and some purely cultural.

When the dolphins approach the ship and start to jump greeting the passengers and wishing us a good trip, for example, it is a unique, indescribable feeling! To be tried at least once in a lifetime. Or see the boatswain Dino take acrobatic dives from the top floor of the boat, ending in the crystalline waters of Favignana and Levanzo to the sound of the applause of our audience. As for the cultural moment, we let Guido and Federica speak for us. They lend every day the onboard translator service, trying to translate carefully everything that the commander Massimo explains, from Italian to English. Also as an additional service you can request a guided tour of the small historical center of Favignana (about 1h), the only inhabited part of the island. A walking tour that takes place during the two-hour stop on the first island and which includes a detailed explanation - in light tones! you are still on holiday - on what has made Favignana so famous in the world, talking about the history and legends that made this wonderful place magical.

Moments of the excursion and Favignana pictures


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Or use the same social channels to post and share with us your photos of the Trapani area or the Egadi islands. We never have enough of "Favignana" pictures and we hope it is the same for you!

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