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Favignana is a splendid Mediterranean island rich in scents, colors, and traditions. It is the largest and most famous of the Egadi Islands. The island boasts incomparable natural beauty. The sea, abundant in fish, is uniquely clear, with blue and turquoise waters. The coast is predominantly rocky but mostly accessible; along the southern coast, there are numerous paradisiacal beaches: Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, Bue Marino, Lido Burrone, and many others.

Discover Favignana:

the “butterfly” of the Egadi Islands

Welcome to the enchanting Favignana, known as “the butterfly” of the Egadi Islands due to its geographical shape. Located off the western coast of Sicily, this Mediterranean gem attracts visitors with its enchanting beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich seabeds. Discover why Favignana is a treasure not to be missed in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hidden Wonders:

the main attractions of Favignana

Favignana, a hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea, is renowned for its timeless attractions. Among its main wonders are the enchanting beaches like Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, which captivate visitors with their crystal-clear waters and breathtaking landscapes. But the island offers much more than just scenery:

  • The Castle of Santa Caterina, located on a panoramic hilltop, is another point of interest worth visiting. Built in the 17th century as a watchtower against pirate raids, the castle offers a spectacular view of the island and the surrounding sea.
  • The Hypogeum Gardens, another unique attraction of Favignana, are ancient underground gardens carved into the tuff, historically used for cultivating vegetables and aromatic plants. These gardens, characterized by a particular microclimate and a suggestive atmosphere, offer visitors the opportunity to explore an ancient agricultural practice of the island and admire the beauty of the plants that grow in this unusual environment.
  • The Tuff Quarries represent another fascinating aspect of Favignana. These quarries, carved into the limestone rock of the island, have been used for centuries for the extraction of tuff, a lightweight and porous limestone. Today, the abandoned quarries offer a unique opportunity to explore the geological and industrial past of the island, with impressive tunnels and rock formations that tell the story of tuff extraction in Favignana.

Tonnara of Favignana: journey into History

Explore the Tonnara of Favignana and immerse yourself in an exciting journey through the island’s history. This ancient tuna fishery, witness to centuries of maritime traditions, offers a fascinating glimpse into Sicily’s past tuna fishing. Discover its evocative historical buildings and admire the beauty of the sea surrounding this site rich in charm and authenticity.

The Tonnara of Favignana, also known as the Florio Establishment, is one of the ancient treasures of the island of Favignana and tells not only the practice of tuna fishing but also the history of an entire family tied to the island. Visiting it is an essential experience to fully understand the history and tradition of Favignana.

With its imposing appearance reminiscent of cathedrals, the former Florio establishment conveys the sacred importance that this place had for those who created it: tuna fishing and the work of men and women were considered sacred. It extends over an area of 32,000 square meters and includes offices, workshops, boat shelters, and even ovens for cooking tuna.

The origin of the tuna fishery dates back to 1859, but it was with the arrival in 1874 of Ignazio Florio, a successful entrepreneur, that introduced innovations (such as the crane and the use of oil for tuna preservation) that transformed the tuna fishery and Favignana into a significant industrial center, bringing not only well-being and prosperity to the island but also beyond its borders.

However, despite entrepreneurial talent, the third generation of Florio failed to maintain business success, and the tuna fisheries were sold to the Parodi family in 1937, marking the end of an era.

In the 1970s, the Tonnara of Favignana closed its doors definitively. It was only in the 1990s that the Region, acquiring the building, returned this precious and historical treasure to the community, transforming it into an archaeological museum. During the summer months, guided tours are available to fully grasp the value of this place, which goes beyond its original function as a tuna fishing and processing establishment.

Adventures in Favignana: Unmissable Activities for Every Traveler

Unforgettable experiences await you in Favignana, offering a wide range of activities not to be missed for every type of traveler. From underwater adventures exploring the fascinating seabed, to bike excursions through scenic landscapes, or boat tours to explore the island by sea. Favignana is ready to welcome you with unique experiences, in a perfect mix of fun and relaxation. Savour the local cuisine, discover hidden beaches, and explore the trails that tell centuries of history.

  • Have you ever wondered what makes a vacation truly complete? Well, today it seems that a fundamental step cannot be missed: exploring the local cuisine and indulging in the delights of the territory. And if you’re looking for a place to satisfy this craving for culinary discovery, Favignana is the answer. Each dish is tied to its historical, geographical, and cultural roots. From capers to rosemary, from blue fish to tuna, from sheep’s ricotta to local herb liqueur, the island offers a true journey of taste through its natural resources. Favignana thus reveals itself as a real “amusement park” for food lovers, and when it comes to tuna dishes, Egadi cuisine is unbeatable: from bottarga spaghetti to sweet and sour “tunnina,” from fried “lattume” or preserved in salt to the more recent “tuna kebab.”
  • Getting lost in the alleys and streets of the town of Favignana is a suggestive experience, especially when the island is not particularly crowded. The village, whose history dates back to the 1600s, is centered around three main squares: Marina, Europa, and Madrice. The streets, paved with “balate” in argentéria stone, exude an ancient and mysterious charm, inviting you to take a walk into the past. Imagining fishermen at work among the alleys and quarry workers returning home at sunset, along with the women employed at the large Florio factory, makes the experience even more engaging. And as you wander through these picturesque streets, the characteristic local shops further enrich the landscape and offer the opportunity to relax with some good shopping.
  • Defined as one of the gems of the Mediterranean, Favignana offers breathtaking views even from the sea, making a boat tour an essential experience. With Egadi Escursioni, you can choose from a variety of tours and types of boats departing from Trapani, allowing you to explore Favignana and Levanzo in a single day. Discover the available tours by clicking here.
  • Favignana stands out as the most bike-friendly destination in the Mediterranean, offering a unique experience for those wishing to explore hidden and unspoiled corners enveloped by the surrounding nature. Upon arrival at the port, you can rent a bicycle at affordable prices, with a wide choice ranging from mountain bikes to city bikes and tandems, perfect for exploring even the most challenging routes. Since shaded areas are limited, it’s essential to cover up and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated along the way; around the main coves, you’ll find kiosks or bars, but for a more leisurely meal, it’s advisable to buy a sandwich in town and take it with you to enjoy wherever you prefer. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the landscape, watching the cows graze in the arid terrain and admiring the picturesque houses scattered among the bushes. Pedaling along the trails of Favignana, you’ll have plenty of time to appreciate the island’s small wonders, fully experiencing the unique atmosphere it offers.
  • For trekking enthusiasts, a must-visit is the Castle of Santa Caterina, an ancient fortress towering atop Mount Santa Caterina, 310 meters high, offering a breathtaking view of all the Egadi Islands and the coast of western Sicily. The visit is open to everyone and allows access to every part of the building, from the undergrounds to the top of the panoramic terrace. In the past, the structure housed a chapel dedicated to Santa Caterina, later used as a prison cell during the Bourbon period. However, it’s important to be careful and not venture alone, especially during times when light may be insufficient.
  • The Hypogeum Gardens of Villa Margherita represent a peculiarity of the island of Favignana, born from human extraction activity in the tuff quarries. These abandoned quarries have been transformed into gardens, enriched by nature and human intervention. An outstanding example is Villa Margherita, created by Maria Gabriella Campo, daughter of a quarryman, who transformed an ancient tuff quarry into a spectacular garden. Despite the challenges, the Garden of the Impossible offers an exciting experience among galleries, caves, and various plant species from around the world, making this place unique and fascinating.

Between sun and sea: discover the most beautiful beaches of Favignana

Discovering the most beautiful beaches of Favignana is an experience not to be missed for sea and sun lovers. From Cala Rossa with its rocky cliffs to Cala Azzurra with its turquoise waters and fine white sand, each beach ensures a unique experience. Don’t forget to visit Lido Burrone beach, perfect for those seeking total relaxation and comfort, or Bue Marino, with its picturesque landscape thanks to the nearby tuff quarries and transparent waters. Favignana’s beaches are a treasure waiting to be explored.

Lido burrone

The Burrone Beach emerges as the perfect option for families with children wishing to spend a day at the sea in Favignana. This beach, unique in its category on the island, is fully equipped to ensure maximum comfort for its visitors. Sun loungers, umbrellas, and toilets are available, along with the convenience of a bar/restaurant to satisfy everyone’s culinary needs. Its strategic location along the south coast of the island makes access easy and direct, ensuring a day of relaxation and fun for the whole family. Characterized by a sandy shoreline, access to the sea is easy. Located just 1.8 km from the center, Burrone Beach is easily reachable. Following the directions, starting from the village and along the coastal road, you quickly find yourself on the right track. Continuing south on Via Circonvallazione and then following Via Calamoni, you finally arrive at Punta Marsala, where a convenient parking lot adjacent to the beach welcomes visitors. The recommended winds to fully enjoy this beach are those coming from the Northwest, Northeast, and East, which contribute to creating optimal conditions for relaxation and fun at the sea.

Praia Beach

A short distance from the historic center lies Praia Beach, a vast expanse of fine sand and turquoise sea easily accessible on foot. While not among the island’s most unique beaches, it is extremely convenient for families and offers a pleasant environment for a day at the seaside. Characterized by a sandy coastline, Praia Beach is perfect for relaxation and soaking up the sun. Essential services are not lacking, with bars, restaurants, and markets located a short distance from the beach, ensuring comfort and convenience for visitors. Its privileged location, just 300 meters from the center, makes it easily accessible to everyone. It’s only a few minutes’ walk from the village to reach this splendid beach. The recommended winds for a pleasant beach experience are those from the Southwest and Southeast, which contribute to creating optimal conditions for enjoying the sea and the sun. Praia Beach is located near the Tonnara Florio, adding a touch of history and charm to its coastal environment.

Cala Rossa

The famous and captivating Cala Rossa is a place that enchants visitors with its deep blue waters and shades of turquoise. Despite being characterized by the lack of a beach, access to the sea through the rocks provides a unique experience. The coastline is rocky, making sea access moderately difficult. It is located 3.7 km from the town center, and to reach it, it is advisable to start from Piazza Madrice and follow the signs eastward, covering about 4 km, with the last 700 meters on a white dirt road. The name “Cala Rossa” evokes a historical event linked to the First Punic War, although recent archaeological research has shown that the battle did not take place there. However, the name may derive from the reddish tones of the rocks on the left side of the bay. The bay, which opens to the north, is preferable during southerly winds or the sirocco. Since it is not an equipped beach, there are no fixed bars nearby, but during the summer, some food trucks position themselves nearby, offering food and drinks to passersby. It is advisable to bring a packed lunch for those who wish to spend the entire day there.

Cala Azzurra

Cala Azzurra is one of Favignana’s most precious and popular gems, renowned for the vivid and crystalline color of its waters. The name itself evokes the intensity of the azure that characterizes this corner of paradise. The seabed, covered by soft white sand with pink tones, adds further charm to this enchanting bay. To reach Cala Azzurra from the town center, there are two routes: an inland one, through the main street from Piazza Madrice, covering about 4 km, and another coastal one, more scenic, stretching for about 5 km and passing through Lido Burrone, continuing along the southern coast of the island with the sea on the right. Facing south, Cala Azzurra offers a particularly pleasant experience during days of the tramontana or with a light mistral breeze. Its sandy and shallow seabed creates a kind of natural pool ideal for swimming and relaxation. At the edges of the bay, among the rocks on the right, visitors can discover a natural source of clay, perfect for skin treatments.

Bue Marino

On the eastern side of Favignana island lies one of the most charming and fascinating coves, Bue Marino. Nestled among ancient tuff quarries, the cove boasts an incredible contrast between the white of the tuff quarries and the intense azure of the surrounding sea. Thanks to slides carved into the rock, access to the sea is facilitated, offering an experience akin to that of a natural pool. The coastline is characterized by rocks and a deep seabed right from the start, not very suitable for small children and inexperienced swimmers; perfect for diving enthusiasts, it is particularly suitable when the wind blows from the west. Not suitable for families with small children. To reach Bue Marino from the town center, follow the signs for Cala Rossa and proceed towards Bue Marino. The route, about 5 km long, ends with a white tuff dirt stretch. The name “Bue Marino” originates from the historical presence of seals, particularly the monk seal, which once inhabited these waters.

Your journey to Favignana:

how to get to the island

Planning your trip to Favignana is easy. You can reach this charming Sicilian island by sea, thanks to the Torre Lines transfer company, or alternatively, you can explore it with a boat tour offered by Egadi Escursioni, departing daily from the port of Trapani.

Here are the tours to Favignana!

Discover itineraries, details, and prices by clicking on the tour you prefer!

Departure from Trapani


Minicruise Favignana and Levanzo

price from 40,00€

Choose this tour for its value for money, convenience, and the included typical lunch. You’ll get the best in just one day!

Egadi Shuttle Tour

price from 30,00€

Choose this tour if you prefer complete autonomy, longer stops on land compared to time on the boat, and maximum customization of the experience.

Diablo Tour by inflatable boat

price from 70,00€

Come aboard and join this ‘sporty’ tour: only 8/10 people on board, long and relaxing stops for swimming, surface snorkeling, and a casual and jovial atmosphere.

Favignana and Levanzo by yacht

price from 55,00€

Indulge yourself with an exclusive tour: only 30 people on board, long and relaxing stops for swimming, surface snorkeling, and typical onboard tasting.


Partenza da Favignana

Tour delle calette

partenza da Favignana
A partire da 25,00€

Scegli questo tour di 4h con partenza da Favignana, per la visita delle calette dell’isola, per le emozionanti soste per la balneazione e per il pranzo tipico a bordo!


Tour di Favignana e Levanzo

partenza da Favignana
A partire da 40,00€

Scegli questo tour con partenza da Favignana per il rapporto qualità/prezzo, la comodità ed il pranzo tipico incluso. Avrai il meglio in un giorno solo!


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