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Frequent Asked Questions

Are the motorboats also accessible for the disabled?

The Costa del Sole is accessible for the physically disabled. The gangway to get on / off is suitable in width for boarding a wheelchair, and a bathroom for disabled use is also available. As for the motorboats “Intrepido” and the “Marabù” or other types of disabilities, contact the staff for further information.

What should I bring with me? What clothing to wear?

We suggest you wear (or bring with you): sunglasses, flip-flops if you decide to spend time on the beach (both in Favignana and Levanzo), or comfortable shoes if you intend to walk the streets of the two villages. Water, on the other hand, is always available to passengers and free onboard our motorboats.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to wear a swimming suit and have sunscreen with you.

How long are the boat trips between/to the islands?

  • The Trapani-Favignana route takes about 40 minutes;
  • The Favignana-Levanzo route takes about 20 minutes;
  • The Levanzo-Trapani route takes about 40 minutes;
  • The Trapani-Marettimo route takes about 1h 30 minutes.

Are the seats onboard assigned?

Seats on board are not assigned or numbered. However, for logistics reasons, the seats could be pre-assigned or managed by the staff on board.

Are there life jackets on board?

The motorboats have life jackets, fulfilling the official safety measures for passenger navigation. However, we specify that, for safety reasons, their use is subject to the express will of the Captain or the crew.
Therefore, we can not use them to allow bathing to those who cannot swim (neither adults nor children), having to remain available in case of emergency.

If I have to delay the departure by a few minutes, informing you of my delay, will the motorboat wait for my arrival to leave?

Egadi Escursioni rewards punctuality, not letting the delay of a few penalize the timeliness of many. The answer is, therefore, “no”. The motorboat leaves moorings at the time described in our programs, except for delays dictated by specific requests from the harbormaster, for example, for entry/exit from the port of cruise ships.
Not even in the event of notice of the delay will it be possible to wait for the arrival of the passengers in question.

Think of it as catching a train or a flight – it’s exactly the same.

If, for any reason, you are delayed and miss the departure from Trapani, it will unfortunately be considered a no-show, and we won’t be able to offer any refunds. This is why we recommend planning your journey with some extra time to avoid inconvenient and unpleasant situations.

If the delay occurs during the tour, at the reboarding stage, you will need to arrange your return to Trapani independently and at your own expense. In this case as well, we cannot offer any refund, not even a partial one, for the part of the tour you couldn’t complete. (It happens to at least one passenger per month… Make sure it’s not you!!!).

Remember, punctuality is the key to fully enjoying your journey with us!

Are the times in the tour description flexible?

As for the departure time, we strongly recommend punctuality and suggest arriving at the boarding point at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

The times listed in the “Itinerary” and “Duration” sections of the trip, however, are approximate and subject to possible variations. The exact time to return on board during stops on the islands will be clearly communicated through the intercom system during the excursion.

It’s essential to understand that the tour stops, navigation, island landings, and overall travel itinerary are entirely at the discretion of the Captain. This ensures that every decision takes into account various factors, including current weather and sea conditions, maritime traffic, mooring schedules, and above all, the safety of our passengers.

Flexibility is a key element for a safe and memorable maritime experience.

So, yes, it is possible that the itinerary may undergo changes, but these decisions are always made with the goal of ensuring passenger safety and providing an enjoyable travel experience, considering all these elements. During the journey, the Captain and the crew will inform you of any potential itinerary modifications.

If you need additional information or details about a specific tour, we recommend you to directly visit the dedicated page for the tour of your interest. There, you will find a section called “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions), where answers to the most common questions from other travelers like you are listed.

Can I cancel the reservation? Will I pay the penalty?

Booking and Cancellation:

Once you’ve booked a tour online, at a physical sales location, or through one of our partners, you have the option to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of the amount paid only if you do so within 7 days of the scheduled tour date. In other words, if you decide to cancel within this 7-day period, you will receive a full refund of the money you’ve paid.

Cancellation within 24 hours:

If you wish to cancel the reservation after the 7-day period from the scheduled tour date but at least 24 hours before the tour’s scheduled start time, you can request a “cancellation voucher.” This voucher will be equivalent to the amount you’ve already paid for the tour and can be used in your name within 2 years from the date of issuance. In essence, if you’ve paid in advance but can’t participate in the tour, you’ll receive a voucher that allows you to book another tour or experience in the future.

Cancellations within less than 24 hours or no-show:

If you decide to cancel the reservation less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time or if you do not show up for the tour, even due to involuntary delays, you will not be eligible for any refund. In this case, you will forfeit the entire amount paid for the tour.

If I don't arrive in time for departure, will I be refunded?

If you happen to be delayed and miss the scheduled tour departure, please note that we do not offer refunds (either in full or partially) or the option to reschedule the tour for another date in such circumstances. In these cases, it is considered a no-show at the boarding point, and we won’t be able to provide any refunds or cancellation vouchers.

Where is it possible to park the car before the excursion?

For self-driving passengers, Egadi Escursioni recommends the following parking solutions:

  • Along the Marinella quay on Via Ammiraglio Staiti (Trapani Port), it is possible to park the car for a fee, using the municipal stalls recognizable by the blue stripes, located right in front of our Box03 ticket office. Arriving a bit before 09:00 am, it is easy to find still available space for your car. The cost is 1,00 € per hour, but payment is only possible with coins. Therefore, to cover the entire duration of the excursion, it is advisable to take with you approximately 9,00 € (in coins). It is also possible to pay for the ticket through some APPs, such as Dropticket or EasyPark.
  • A free Parking area is available in Via Ilio, an extension of Via Ammiraglio Staiti (750 mt from our ticket office). The use of this parking is recommended only for those who can reach the port of Trapani well in advance, as the time it will take to reach the ticket office on foot, once the car is parked, will be at least 15/20 minutes.

Note: Pala Ilio is not available as a parking area on Thursdays due to the weekly market.

  • Covered parkingParcheggio multipiano ATM”: via Trento (450 meters away from our ticket office) is open 24 hours a day. This car park is also subject to charges, for more information: +39 0923 582439.
  • Only for those who have chosen to participate in the “Dynamic One: Diablo Tour by inflatable boat” and already possess the ticket (purchased online or at official ticket offices), we recommend free parking near the Columbus Yachting Club, along Via Ranuncoli. Arriving a bit before 09:00 am, it is easy to find still available space for your car. Nearby you can park your car for a fee, using the municipal stalls recognizable by the blue stripes. The cost is 1,00 € per hour, but payment is only possible with coins. Therefore, to cover the entire duration of the excursion, it is advisable to take with you approximately 9,00 € (in coins). It is also possible to pay for the ticket through some APPs, such as Dropticket or EasyPark.

Is bathing suitable for everyone? Including children?

The stops for bathing are aimed exclusively at those who can swim.
As for children, they will be able to participate in bathing only if supervised by an adult and if they are already eight years old.

Where and how are the stops for swimming?

All the swimming stops are subject to weather and sea conditions and, in general, to the unquestionable judgment of the Captain/Skipper (Safety first!!)
The swimming stops are carried out directly from the motorboat; therefore, mooring in the coves is forbidden, as expressly laid down by the official regulation of the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands.
The distance from the coast varies from 20 mt to 60 mt, the depth of the sea varies between 3 mt and 8 mt.

How long in advance do I have to book?

If the date of the excursion falls within the low season, it will be sufficient to book one or two days in advance; from July to mid-September, it is advisable, however, to purchase the ticket at least four or five days before the desired date.
Even after booking, we always recommend contacting us by phone or via Whatsapp at +39 342 9446189 one day before to confirm the actual departure based on the weather forecast.

Is a gluten-free lunch available?

If you notify us of this dietary intolerance in a timely manner, we are able to cook specific gluten-free products separately during lunch. However, it is important to note that the kitchen on-site is a shared one. Therefore, if you have a severe allergy to any of the products used in the preparation and cooking of the standard lunch, we recommend abstaining from the meal and bringing something specific that does not require on-site preparation or cooking. For excursions that include “pane cunzato” for lunch, we will provide a gluten-free alternative.

What can I do during the hours stop in Favignana?

During the free hours to spend in Favignana, Egadi Escursioni particularly recommends the following activities:

Explore Favignana with our staff:* Take a stroll through the streets of the center with the guide and environmental educator.

Bike Tour:* Easily rent a bicycle near the boat arrival point.

Visit to the Florio Establishment:* The old tuna processing plant in Favignana, owned by the famous Florio family, is a must-see on the island. A two-hour stop allows you to participate in the splendid guided tour inside the museum.

Tour with Egadilandia:* Starting from the port, this enjoyable one-hour tour begins aboard a fun rubber-tracked train, taking you on a discovery of the island by land.

Wander through the streets of the center: Considering the short distance between the port and the inhabited center of the island, we recommend spending the available time simply wandering with curious eyes through the charming streets and squares of the center. Perhaps taste some local specialties or visit the beach in front of the port.

*Services not included in the excursion price.

Can I pay for the ticket by credit card?

Payment can be made either by debit or credit card, except for the American Express circuit.

Is there a discount for those who do not use lunch?

The lunch offered onboard is a free service dedicated to kind passengers who decide to taste the cuisine onboard at no additional cost. Therefore, not taking advantage of this service does not affect the price in any case, whether you decide to participate in the lunch or whether you decide not to take part.

Why is the AMP Entrance Fee / Landing Fee required?

The entrance fee should not be confused with the tourist tax and is applicable for entry into the Egadi Islands archipelago. This fee is mandated by the Municipality of Favignana, to which the entire amount is allocated. The reason it is not included in the excursion price is that these are two separate costs.

Until 2015, the Municipality of Favignana had set the entrance fee at 1.50 €. Starting in 2016, a new rate of 2.50 € was implemented. In 2021, the Municipality of Favignana increased the landing fee rate to 3.50 € for transfers, while keeping the AMP fee at 2.50 €.

In 2024, the competent authority approved the new €5.00 fee for entry into the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands.

In 2022, the Municipality of Favignana deliberated a new rate of 5.00 € per passenger for the landing fee. The collection of this fee is intended to support activities and services within the archipelago and contributes to the maintenance and development of the area. We are obligated to collect this fee in accordance with the Municipality’s regulations, and it cannot be included in the excursion cost. Your understanding of this matter is greatly appreciated.

Where is your ticket office located? Where do the excursions leave from?

Our ticket office is located at Via Ammiraglio Staiti, Banchina Marinella, in front of the large white tensile structure. You can recognize it by the sign ‘TORRE LINES’ and it is marked with the indication ‘BOX03’ both on the roof and at the rear.

The location of our ticket office corresponds to the boarding point for the following tours: Mini Cruise to Favignana and Levanzo (the classic one), Egadi Shuttle Tour (the free one), Tour of the Caves of Marettimo (the suggestive one), and Favignana and Levanzo by yacht (the pampered one).

However, for the Diablo Tour, which is Favignana and Levanzo on board the Diablo inflatable boat (the dynamic one), the boarding point does not coincide with the ticket office. You can visit the ticket office described above for information, payment, or to pick up your paper ticket. The boarding point for the Diablo Tour is located on Via Ranuncoli, at the ‘Columbus Yachting Trapani’ pier.

Does the entrance fee also apply to children?

Children between the ages of 0 and 4 do not pay the entrance fee. Instead, from 5 years old onwards, the entrance fee to the Protected Marine Area of ​​the Egadi Islands, equal to € 5.00, will be applied.

About the "Egadi Shuttle Tour" excursion, is lunch included?

You will surely have noticed that the program does not include lunch on board. In fact, you will be back on board around 3:00 pm, and it is assumed that you have already satisfied your appetite!

The four-hour stop-off on the Island and the absence of a “standard lunch” (which tries to satisfy all palates) leave the freedom to choose according to one’s tastes, personal needs, and everyone’s pockets!

You can choose the practical island bakery, with its “cunzato” bread, the typical arancine, bread with panelle, focaccia or Sicilian pizza …. or the romantic local restaurant with its menu based on fresh fish. And for those who are adventurous and independent? Well, not even to say: backpacking and packed lunch immersed in nature, between sun and sea!

Speaking of the "Diablo Tour", are there any gray areas on the inflatable boat?

Yes, our Diablo has an awning that can be opened during rest moments for those wishing to relax in the shade.

With which boat are the excursions carried out? How many people will there be onboard?

It depends on the excursion you have chosen and the period of interest.

  • The Classic one: Favignana and Levanzo mini cruise / The Free one: Egadi Shuttle Tour.

These excursions take place onboard on our passenger-motorboats. The Motonave Costa del Sole can comfortably accommodate up to a maximum of 330 passengers, the Motonave Intrepido instead up to 245.

In the low season, the maximum number of passengers usually is not reached. In high season, on the other hand, to ensure good service and greater convenience for users, we leave about 20% of potential tickets unsold.

  • The Suggestive one: Marettimo Sea Caves boat tour / The Pampered one: Favignana and Levanzo by yacht

Both tours are conducted on boats with a maximum capacity of 30 passengers.

  • Diablo Tour / Rent the Diablo.

Our Diablo inflatable boat can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 passengers, but we prefer to keep the number of hikers to a maximum of 10 precisely to ensure the highest possible standards of ease and enjoyment, except for single groups and upon their specific request.

Is water included?

We want you to be always hydrated! That’s why – during the tour you’ve chosen, you will always have fresh water at your disposal (free of charge), thanks to the purification systems on board.

About the "Rent the Diablo" service, can I bring food and drinks?

The exclusive rental of the Diablo inflatable does not include food and drinks. However, you will be able to take what you prefer with you, such as lunch/snack and drinks.

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