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Rent exclusively and live a unique experience! Our entire fleet is available for private hire and can be yours for one or more days!

Bring dreams, initiative, desire for adventure, and the right company with you: we bring the boat, the skipper, and all the experience and professionalism of a lifetime in the sector. The sea and the sky will do the rest, spreading their cheerful magic.

Make your moments on board unforgettable! Choose the right boat! Agree with us on the program and its schedules based on your preferences and needs, and then enjoy your perfect day onboard.
Need any examples about how to personalize your experience?
Here’s what to bring with you:

To sun-lovers

  • Private boat tour: bring whoever you want with you and choose where and when to go!
  • Bathing and Relaxation: bring an inflatable mattress with you and sunbathe in the water as long as you want!
  • Swimming and Snorkeling: bring your snorkeling gears with you, enjoy the seabed and the wonders of the Egadi sea!
  • The music you love: take the music you love with you, press play, and turn up the volume!
  • The ideal meal: it is what you like! Salad at 2pm? Peperonata and omelette sandwich at 10:00? The ideal food for a boat tour is what makes you happy. Bring your favorite food and drinks with you!

To sunset-lovers

Mini-tour to the Colombaia, for an unforgettable swim at sunset, romantic or in a group, with the funniest friends you have! Bring with you those who can make your heart beat faster and always smile, a towel, and everything you need for a musical aperitif on the boat.

To moon-lovers

Exclusive and original evening boat parties.
Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding parties but also, why not, a dancing toast after a difficult divorce: life is now and there is always a good reason to make our moments together memorable. How do you intend to organize and experience the event? Bring everything you need with you, in complete freedom: music or unusual lights, drinks and playful surprises … we will help you create the perfect party, because your satisfaction is our first reward.

For those who love

Engagement or wedding proposals: think big and bring with you all the ultra romantic kit you intend to show, we will help you in every detail … if necessary, our unsuspected skipper will turn into your perfect accomplice, also allowing you to immortalize the unrepeatable moments and make the joy of your feelings timeless.

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