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Terms and conditions

1. Presentation to the boarding point: the passenger must be present at the boarding point twenty minutes earlier than the scheduled departure time (09:30), and already on board, at least ten minutes before the time communicated on board by the Captain via the network intercom for the departure from/to the islands.

2. No-show for boarding: Failure to submit to boarding by the time indicated in the previous point does not entitle you to any refund.

3. Timetable: all times will be confirmed on board by the Captain via the intercom network. In case of doubt, consult a crew member before leaving the ship. The EGADI ESCURSIONI reserves the right to make changes to programs and / or timetables on the occasion of any unfavorable weather conditions, force majeure or technical-operational needs. Such possibility does not entitle the client to any refund.

4. Cancellations: the EGADI ESCURSIONI reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time before the departure, in accordance with the law N ° 1084 of 27/12/1997, without any other obligation than the restitution of the sums paid. Customer waiver: In case of renunciation of the customer, the EGADI ESCURSIONI will refund the sum collected only in the case in which the cancellations are received 48 hours before the start of the trip.

5. Trip Interruption: in case of partial execution of a mini-cruise or a journey by EGADI ESCURSIONI, it will refund only the part of the ticket calculated in proportion to the section not traveled. (Art. 406 Cod. Nav.) In case of partial execution by the customers they will no be refunded.

6. Refunds: the refund of the ticket will be made by the agency or the ticket office that released it.

7. Stop off for swimming and circumnavigation: visits by sea, circumnavigation and stop in the creeks, are always optional and subject to weather conditions, unquestionably judged by the Captain of the ship. Any failure to execution due to force majeure or technical-operational needs of EGADI ESCURSIONI does not give the right to a refund.

8. The Ticket: the ticket is nominative and can not be refunded without the prior consent of EGADI ESCURSIONI.

9. The Motor boat: the Egadi Escursioni reserves the right to choose the ship on which passengers will be boarded, therefore, it is not possible to choose the ship of preference.

The purchase of the ticket is proof of acceptance by the passenger of the General Conditions described above.

How can I book?2018-10-31T09:25:21+00:00

You can confirm your reservation by email at the email address info@egadiescursioni.it and you will receive a confirmation email to be shown at the Intrepido’s ticket office, in order to proceed with the payment.
You can, also, confirm your reservation by phone at the number +39 342 9446189 or at the number +39 3298985237, even by whatsapp message.
In both case, it will be necessary to provide name and surname, telephone number and number of passengers with related age for kids.

How much is the ticket for kids?2018-10-31T09:24:17+00:00

ALL KINDS OF EXCURSIONS: free – kids until 4 years.
FAVIGNANA AND LEVANZO: reduced ticket 25,00€* kids 5 – 12 years, 27,50*€ high season.
EGADI SHUTTLE TOUR: reduced 22,50*€ low season, 25,00*€ high season.
*2,50 € of entry fee in Egadi Islands not included

If I do not arrive in time for my departure, will I have to repay the paid amount?2018-10-31T09:23:11+00:00

In the event of a delay, it is not expected that the paid amount will be reimbursed, in whole or in part. You could reach our motorboat by using the hydrofoil (about 10.00 € to be paid at the Liberty lines ticket offices). Or it is possible to posticipaye the excursion, according to your availability and according to the Egadi Escursioni boarding list availabilities.

Is the entry fee also for children?2018-10-31T09:22:13+00:00

For children between 0 and 4 years old, no AMP entry fee is required. From the age of 5, the entry fee for the protected area of the Egadi Islands, will be required.

Where do the excursions departure from?2018-11-21T10:15:21+00:00

Our boats leave from the port of Trapani or from the port of Mazara del Vallo.

Where is your ticket office?2018-11-21T10:14:53+00:00

Our boats are in Trapani, located along the Marinella quay (next to Fire Department), in Via Ammiraglio Staiti. Our ticket office is the fourth one starting from the fire station, it is the highest and can be recognized by the written “INTREPIDO” (name of our organization) on the roof of the ticket office.

Why do I have to pay the AMP entrance fee?2018-11-21T10:13:53+00:00

The entrance fee should not be confused with the tax of residence. The AMP entry fee is required by the Municipality of Favignana to which it is totally devolved. The excursion price does not include it because it is two different costs. Until 2015, the Municipality of Favignana established that the entry fee was 1,50 € From 2016 a new tariff of 2,50 € has been established.

Is there a discount for those who do not join lunch?2018-11-21T10:13:15+00:00

Lunch on board is a free service for the kind passengers who decide to try the onboard kitchen at no extra charge. Take advantage or not of this service does not affect the price in any case, whether you decide to take part in lunch or decide not to join it.

Can I pay my ticket by credit card?2018-11-21T10:12:45+00:00

Payment can be made by cash or card (no American Express). In case of payment in cash, to facilitate the boarding operations, the exact sum is preferable.

Is it possible to pay online?2018-11-21T10:12:07+00:00

During the high season, it is advisable to book in advance, in these cases, the Egadi Excursions reserves the right to request the balance or a deposit to confirm the reservation, payable by bank transfer or PayPal account requesting the details of the current account at the e-mail address info@egadiescursioni.it

What can I do during the stop hours at Favignana?2018-11-21T10:11:39+00:00

During the free time on Favignana Island, considered in our itinerary, we suggest to our guests the following alternatives:
Walking through nature and traditions*:  Guido will accompany you through the streets of Favignana.
Bike tour*: it’s possible to rent a bike nearby the point of the motor ship mooring.
Visit Stabilimento Florio (Florio’s Factory)*: the old Favignana tunas factory, owned by the famous Florio family in the past, is one of the must-see places on the island. The 2 hours stop off allows participating in the wonderful guided tour of the museum.
Egadilandia Tour*: this nice tour of 1 hour starts from the port and it will take you to the discovery of the island land.
Wandering around the village streets: Considering the little distance between the port and the residential area of the island, we suggest to spend the time on the island just going around among the narrow streets and squares of the centre; you might taste some local product and dish or visit the beach in front of the port.
* Services not included in the excursion price.

Is there a gluten free lunch?2018-11-21T10:11:06+00:00

It is possible to cook specific Gluten Free Products (provided by the customer) separately. However, the local cuisine is unique so in the case of serious allergy to one of the products used during the preparation and cooking of the standard lunch, the Egadi Escursioni recommends to abstain from eating something that does require preparation or cooking on the spot.

How much time before do I have to book?2018-11-21T10:10:24+00:00

In low season it will be enough to book one or two days before, from July to mid-September it is advisable instead to purchase the ticket at least four or five days before the desired date.
Even when the excursion has been confirmed, we suggest you contact us one day before the selected date at +393298985237 (you can also send a message or a WhatsApp message), asking about the weather conditions.

Where and how do bathing stops take place?2018-11-21T09:29:08+00:00

The swimming stops are carried out directly from the motorboat, therefore it is not, in any case, envisaged the mooring in the coves, as expressly laid down by the official regulation of the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands.
The distance from the coast at the time of the swimming stops varies from 20 mt to 60 mt, the depth of the sea varies between 3 mt and 8 mt.
The “Costa del Sole” motorboat has two ladders for access to the sea and it is also possible to lower the catwalk to the sea level to use another access point to the sea. The “Intrepido” motorboat has two comfortable ladders for access to the sea.

Is bathing suitable for everyone? Children Included?2018-11-21T09:28:24+00:00

Considered the distance from the coast and the depth of the sea at the anchoring point in the coves (described in the answer to the question ” Where and how do bathing stops take place? “), bathing is only aimed at those who can swim. Children can join the bathing if they are supervised by an adult and they are already 8 y.o.

Where can I park my car before the excursion?2018-11-21T09:27:49+00:00

Parking lot – Pay & Display: in front of our ticket office “Intrepido”, along with the main street “via Ammiraglio Staiti”, arriving early in the morning (a bit before 9 am) it’s easy to find a place for your car in the blue stripes parking area. Cost: 0,80 cent per hour. ONLY TAKES COIN.
A free Parking area is available in Via Ilio (750 mt from our ticket office). If you decide to leave the car there, please consider the walking time from the parking area to the point of embarkation.
N.B .: Pala Ilio Free Parking Area is not available on Thursday.

Can I cancel my booking? Will I pay a penalty?2018-11-21T09:26:12+00:00

The booking can be canceled either when the amount has been paid or if a deposit has been left provided that the right notice has been given and the cancellation is not made on the same day as the booked excursion. In the case of telephone or email booking, where no down payment has been made, it is equally liked to disclose the cancellation so that seats are available again on board.

In the event that I should delay a few minutes from the departure, warning you of my delay, the ship will wait for my arrival to leave?2018-11-21T09:25:22+00:00

Egadi Escursioni rewards the punctuality, not letting the delay of a few penalizes the many punctual. The answer is, therefore “no”. The motorboat leaves the port of Trapani at 09:30 am, except for delays dictated by specific requests from the harbor master’s office, for example for entry / exit of cruise ships.
Even in case of delay notice, it will NOT be possible to wait for the arrival of the passengers in question.

Are there any life vests on board?2018-11-21T09:23:55+00:00

The motorboats have lifebuoys fulfilling the official security measures for navigation to passenger transport. However, it is specified that for safety reasons the use of the same is subject to an express communication of the Captain or of the crew.
They will therefore never be used to allow bathing for those who can not swim (neither adults nor children), having to remain available in case of emergency.

Are the seats on board assigned?2018-11-21T09:23:15+00:00

Seats on board are not assigned or numbered. For organizing reasons, it is possible, however, that in the high season the seating for lunch is pre-assigned.

What should I bring with me? What clothing to wear?2018-11-21T09:22:37+00:00

Watching this video “bring the superfluous, we will take care of what is necessary”, you will discover our suggestions on what to wear and what to take with you.
For example: sunglasses, flip-flops if you decide to spend time on the beach (both in Favignana and Levanzo) or comfortable shoes if you intend to walk the streets of the two villages. Water, on the other hand, is always available to passengers and free on board our motor ships.
Obviously, it is essential to wear a bathing suit and a protective sunscreen.

Are motorboats accessible for the disabled?2018-11-21T09:21:57+00:00

The Costa del Sole motorboat is accessible for wheelchair users. The up / down walkway is suitable for the width of a wheelchair and a disabled bathroom is also available. Regarding the “Intrepido” and the Marabù or other types of disabilities, contact the staff for further information.

How long are the journeys between the islands?2018-11-21T09:20:29+00:00

The Trapani-Favignana route takes about 40 minutes; The route Favignana-Levanzo 20 minutes; Levanzo-Trapani 40 minutes.

Choosing the Costa del sole, will the organization and society be the same as the Intrepido?2018-11-21T09:18:57+00:00

Egadi Escursioni has expanded its fleet, adding to the historic Intrepido motorboat also the M/B “Costa del Sole” and the most exclusive “Marabu”; With the aim of making the service more and more comfortable, safe and consequently better for its passengers.


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