Terms & Conditions of Purchase Ticket for Excursions or Transfer of Egadi Escursioni of Torre Tommaso.

These terms and conditions refer to the offer of our cruise and transfer services.

Art.1 – Taking on the service
The Company Egadi Escursioni of Torre Tommaso takes the transport of passengers and baggage (if required by the type of trip in question) according to the following rules that the passenger, by purchasing the ticket, implicitly declares to know, to accept, and to observe. The text of the rules of this regulation is available to users at the offices and the on-board controls.

Art.2 – Ticket rate
The total amount of the ticket is formed by the rate plus other possible rights highlighted separately. The rates applied by the Company include I.V.A. when due. For rates, please refer to the Company’s “tariff” which is an integral part of this regulation and which can be found at our info points, at ticket offices or on the website egadiescursioni.it.

Art.3 – Children
Adult passengers must accompany children under 12. For any reductions applied based on age, please refer to the tariff.

Art.4 – Tickets
The passenger must be provided with a regular ticket, which proves the conclusion of the contract for the journey indicated on the ticket itself. This ticket must be kept for the entire duration of the trip and exhibited at the request of the Company’s control personnel. Tickets are valid only for the departures indicated in them. If the ticket is lost, destroyed, or stolen, the customer must purchase a new ticket to get on board.

Art.5 – Reservations
Booking requests can be made in good time before departure at the Company’s ticket offices, at authorized third-party agencies and our commercial partners, and through our website egadiescursioni.it. When booking and / or buying tickets, the date and time of departure must be specified, as well as all other data that may be requested in the appropriate forms. In the case of bookings that do not reach the minimum number to allow departure or in case of unfavorable weather conditions, Egadi Escursioni reserves the right to communicate in a period between 24 hours and 2 hours before the service any change in path. The right to reimbursement remains in the event of a new destination or a new date not appreciated. Furthermore, Egadi Escursioni, for logistical, organizational, and security reasons, reserves the right to choose the motor ship of its fleet to be assigned to the various sections. Therefore, it will not be possible to select the ship on which to embark at the time of booking.

Art.6 – Embarkation – Landing – Stay on board
Passengers must present themselves at embarkation thirty minutes in advance of the scheduled departure time and fifteen minutes before the time communicated onboard by the Captain via the interphone network for departure from the islands. Failure to present boarding within the time described in the previous point does not entitle any refund. All journey times will be confirmed on board by the Captain via the interphone network. In case of doubt, please consult a member of our crew before leaving the ship that will provide you with all the necessary information. Egadi Escursioni reserves the right to make changes to schedules and/or schedules in unfavorable weather and sea conditions, force majeure or technical-operational requirements. This right does not entitle the customer to any reimbursement. As far as bathing and circumnavigation are concerned: visits by sea, circumnavigations, and stops in the creeks are always optional and subject to weather and sea conditions, judged unquestionable by the Captain of the ship. Any failure to perform for reasons of force majeure or technical operational requirements of the cruise or transfer does not give the right to reimbursement of the ticket, even partial.

Art.7 – Prohibitions
It is absolutely prohibited on board:
Keeping behaviors or attitudes that are or may cause disturbance or disturbance to other passengers;
Carry on board the trade of salesman, singer, musician, and the like and offer services or accompanying passengers;
Smoking in the internal areas of the ship, a particular smoking area is provided at the stern, which our operators on board will indicate.
Tampering with furniture and equipment on board, for the above, passengers must contact the ship’s personnel only;
Wearing or keeping in arms baggage and ammunition, these must be handed over to the ship’s Command and will be withdrawn only when disembarked, without prejudice to the current provisions governing the carrying of weapons for the personnel of the Armed Forces and Police;
Bring flammable, explosive, corrosive materials with you in your luggage. Or in any case dangerous, as well as oxygen, compressed air, gas, and similar cylinders;
Transport letters and parcels subject to postal charges;
Throwing objects of any kind into the sea.

Art.8 – Obstruction of the nautical vehicle – Departure cancellation
If the ship’s departure is prevented due to a reason not attributable to the Company, the contract is terminated, and the Company is obliged to return the paid the price. (art.402 Navigation Code). Without prejudice to the interconnection existing between the various traffic relations exercised by the Company, the rules of the articles are applicable. 403, 404.405, and 406 of the Navigation Code.

Art.9 – Responsibility
The Captain is a judicial police officer and, in this capacity, exercises the powers referred to in Articles 221 and following of the Code of Criminal Procedure, if offenses are committed on board while sailing and exercises its authority over all persons on board (crew and passengers). He has disciplinary and navigational security powers. The passenger, from the moment of embarkation and until disembarking, must comply with the instructions given by the Command on board; he must also base his behavior on common diligence and prudence, monitoring the safety and security of his own, of the people who are in his care, as well as on the safety of one’s belongings, and where the weather and sea conditions of the journey require it the most. In no event will the Company be liable for loss or damage caused to persons or property in the event of conduct subject to the prohibitions of these terms and conditions. Any complaints will be settled directly between the parties involved.

Art.10 – Refunds
Once the reservation has been made online, at our points of sale or through our partners, it is possible to proceed with the withdrawal and obtain a full refund of the price paid, only if the cancellation occurs within seven days from the scheduled tour date.

For cancellations after the maximum term of seven days from the date of the excursion, upon notification of the impossibility to participate in the tour at least 24 hours before, it will be possible to request a cancellation voucher (equal to the amount already paid) which can be used on a personal basis within two years from the date of issue.
The calculation of the terms starts from the day after the cancellation date and includes the departure date.
No refunds or cancellation vouchers are due to those who cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure and those who do not show up within the established time for boarding (also due to involuntary delays).

Art.11 – Prescription
The rights deriving from the contract for the transport of persons and baggage, are prescribed with the expiration of the terms established by Article 418 of the Navigation Code. In any case, without prejudice to the deadlines outlined in the preceding paragraph of this article, the passenger who suffers accidents to his own person dependent on facts occurring at the start of boarding until the disembarkation must, in any case, report them to the Command on board before landing definitive.

Art.12 – Complaints
The passenger, if he finds shortcomings or irregularities in the service rendered by the Company, can notify the Command onboard or the Management of the Egadi Escursioni Company writing to: relazioniclientela@egadiescursioni.it

Art.13 – Protection of personal data
Pursuant to Article 13 of EC Regulation n. 2016/679 laying down provisions on the protection of personal data, the Company, as data controller, informs that the personal data provided by the passenger will be processed for purposes strictly connected to the Management of the contractual relationship and the provision of services, also for using information systems, suitable for guaranteeing their security and confidentiality.

Art.14 – Postponement
For anything else not covered by these transport conditions, the provisions of the Navigation Code, the Civil Code, and other legal provisions in force apply.