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What to see in Favignana on foot

What to see in Favignana on foot.

You have chosen Favignana to spend a day at the beach. Now you want to find out what to see in Favignana if you are on foot and – possibly – in a few hours.
No problem! I’m about to give you the answer to the question “What can I see in Favignana on foot?” but I invite you to learn more by continuing to read until the end.

1) Port of Favignana and “la Praia” beach;
2) Fishmarket and Palazzo Florio;
3) Former Florio factory – Museum of tuna and Mattanza
4) Hypogeum Gardens;
5) Piazza Madrice and the Mother Church of the Immaculate Conception.
6) The historical center.

If you want to spend half a day on the island of Favignana without renting (or take with you) bikes or scooters, you can then choose to stroll far and wide to discover these six places just listed.
I decided to limit the advice to the area adjacent to the ferry/hydrofoil arrival since some of the recommended destinations deserve at least an hour to visit.
If, on the other hand, you have more than a few hours available and you prefer to go into the heart of Favignana, you absolutely must add to the list:

7) Cala Rossa;
8) Bue Marino;
9) Cala Azzurra;
10) Castle of Santa Caterina;
11) Lighthouse of Punta Sottile;
12) Archaeological Area of ​​San Nicola.

Favignana port and “la Praia” beach

From the moment you arrive at the port of Favignana, you can immerse yourself in the typical atmosphere of the place. The seaport of Favignana is an explosion of colors and sensations! The houses, the many fishing boats, the sea breeze, the life itself of the villagers and tourists make the port of Favignana an excellent business card for the whole island.
Your holiday in Favignana can only start here.
La Praia is a white sand beach that develops right near the port, at the foot of the hill of Santa Caterina (which majestically overlooks the island). You will easily find the directions to reach it and – in any case – you can alternatively follow the signs for the Florio factory that overlooks it.
This beach is absolutely suitable for everyone and ideal for children of all ages and inexperienced swimmers.

Fish market and Palazzo Florio

Walking from the port towards the center of Favignana, you will meet the stalls of the Favignana fish market. The island’s fishermen offer the catch of the day to passers-by: fresh, local, and delicious!
I suppose you do not have the intention to buy fresh fish. Still, I’m sure you will not be able to escape from watching and admiring the beauty and authenticity of this place!
You will admire Palazzo Florio just a few steps from the fish market. The Florio Palace (1878), in neo-Gothic style, was the residence of the famous Florio family. Today it is owned by the Municipality: it is used as the seat of the Municipal Council. It offers a desk dedicated to tourist information.

Former Florio factory – Museum of tuna and Mattanza

The former Florio factory in the Tonnare di Favignana and Formica is a museum dedicated to the history of the Florio family, tuna production, and the practice of “Mattanza”.
Initially, the Florio factory was a tonnara (among the largest in the Mediterranean). The buildings have been recently refurbished and host exhibitions and events.

Hypogeum Gardens

For a very long time, Favignana’s economy depended on the extraction of tuff (or rather a fundamental stone for construction called Calcarenite). This activity also had consequences in the morphology of the island itself, making it unique due to the enormous amount of tunnels and open-air excavations.
The quarries, now unused, were then transformed into vegetable gardens, giving life to the “Hypogeum Gardens”: authentic natural greenhouses. There cultivate and grow luxuriant plants and fruit trees.

Piazza Madrice and the Mother Church of the Immaculate Conception

The Madrice church of Favignana is located inside the town’s main square (from which the name derives). You will notice that its position is not central to the yard’s layout but slightly off-center to the left. In fact, the construction project had to take into account a directing ordinance closely linked to the defense functions.
Therefore, the building should not hinder the use of the cannons present in the opposite Fort of San Giacomo. The majolica dome is undoubtedly noteworthy, in line with the style used in Sicilian churches, especially the coastal ones.

The historical center

The best advice I can give you is to immerse yourself in the mood of the island! Just walk through the streets of the town and let yourself be carried away by your curiosity and desire to explore! You will see that it is absolutely worth it.

In conclusion:

If you have purchased one of our excursions with destination “Favignana”, now you know what to see in Favignana on foot and in a few hours.

Take a walk between Tradition and Nature – a walk in the company of our staff.

If you are our guest on “the Classic” Favignana and Levanzo mini cruise, you can also opt for the guided tour that will be suggested to you on board.
This walk between traditions and nature costs 4,00 € per adult and 2,00 € for children aged 5 to 12.
It is absolutely optional, and you can choose whether or not to join even while sailing from Trapani to Favignana.
You will be accompanied by our staff, who will be happy to take you to visit the places just described, enriching the visit with anecdotes and curiosities.
So let yourself be involved in a guided walk! You will visit the main attractions such as Palazzo Florio, the tuff quarries of Sant’Anna (now Ipogei gardens), the former Florio factory and, of course, the story of their family.
This walk takes about an hour and ends in front of the former Florio factory near La Praia’s beach.
You can then choose whether to go on a cultural adventure (by purchasing the entrance ticket to visit the Tuna Museum) or to take a swim or sunbathe on the beach.
What are you waiting for? Grab your camera and come with us!

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