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Levanzo on Foot: Between Trekking and Beaches

Levanzo is the smallest island in the Egadi archipelago, located in Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean. With only 208 residents, it is also the least populated. However, during the tourist season, the port, village streets, beaches, and trekking trails attract millions of visitors from all over the world. Visitors are drawn by its natural landscapes, which include white limestone caves, the highest promontory at 270 meters, and lush vegetation that leaves no room for paved roads for cars. A day is enough to explore Levanzo’s few streets and take a scenic boat tour around the island. For those who prefer to relax in the sun on beautiful sandy or pebble beaches, or enjoy exploring the island’s nature on easy trekking trails, a stay of two or three days is ideal.

Beaches in Levanzo Accessible on Foot

Beaches in the Village and Surroundings

  • Cala Dogana: located in the southern part of the island, near the port, this small gravel beach is convenient for sunbathing while admiring the quaint harbor. Just a few steps from the cove, visitors can reach the village’s refreshment services, making the experience even more comfortable.

Beaches Accessible on Foot

  • Cala Minnola: Only a 20-minute walk from the port and town center, this charming beach welcomes visitors with its crystal-clear waters and a delightful pine forest providing shade during the hottest hours. It is ideal for diving enthusiasts due to its rich archaeological underwater artifacts.
  • Cala Fredda: Just a 10-minute walk from Cala Dogana. This small cove is composed of gravel and sand, with its waters a heavenly azure. Its easy entry into the water makes Cala Fredda perfect for families with children.
  • Cala Faraglione: Starting from the village and following the coastal road southwest, you’ll reach your destination in just a few minutes. From the gravel beach, looking towards the Faraglione in front of us, you can admire Favignana to the right and Marettimo to the west.
  • Cala Tramontana: It is the largest bay in Levanzo, characterized by numerous caves with incredibly clear blue waters, perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. From the village, following the trail towards Capo Grosso, you can reach it on foot via a 3.6 km route.
  • Cala Calcara: Famous for its extraordinary variety of marine flora and fauna, it is considered the wildest on the island. You can reach it by walking a 2.6 km trail from nearby Cala Dogana to the east along the coast. It’s worth noting that the trekking trail may be challenging as the coastline is rocky, but the landscape makes the adventure rewarding.

Trekking in Levanzo: The Best Trails

Levanzo offers a variety of must-see trekking trails for enthusiasts, including:

Genovese Cave Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

Starting from the village, to the left of the port, this trail stretches for about 3.4 km. It begins with an uphill paved road that leads to a wide valley. From there, a mostly unpaved trail continues. After crossing the valley, the recently restored trail leads to the Demanio pine forest. Keeping to the left and passing the pine forest, the trail is bordered by a fence and descends along the slope until it reaches the cave on the lower left side. The interior of the cave, which is 35 meters long, can be accessed through a tunnel that is 60 centimeters high and 3 meters long. Once inside, you can admire prehistoric graffiti and drawings.

Capo Grosso

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

This trail shares the same starting point as the Genovese Cave Trail. After reaching the pine forest, head right towards Cala Tramontana. The trail, which features grassy and rocky sections, continues to the Capo Grosso lighthouse, now decommissioned. With a total length of about 4.4 km, the trail is suitable for both trekking and biking. It is especially recommended in spring and early morning when the scenery is most captivating, and the temperature is ideal.

Cala Tramontana Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes

Following the road towards Capo Grosso lighthouse, you’ll find a well-trodden but steep trail on the left, leading down to Cala Tramontana. This cove provides excellent shelter from the wind and is perfect for those seeking peace and natural beauty. The trail is 3.6 km long and can be entirely hiked, with some sections suitable for biking.

Faraglioni – Pietre Varate Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

This beautiful route starts from the village along Via Pietre Varate, a quiet coastal paved road. The 1.4 km trail descends towards the sea, ending at a small pebble beach facing the Faraglione, which can be reached with a short swim. For a few hundred meters, the road narrows between the rocks. Continuing, the trail becomes steeper, requiring cyclists to dismount. The trail ends at the Pietre Varate houses, offering an extraordinary view of the sunset over Marettimo and Favignana.

Cala Fredda – Cala Minnola – Cala Calcara Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

This approximately 2.6 km route is entirely walkable, while cyclists can reach up to Cala Minnola. Starting from the port heading east, you pass a small cemetery and arrive at Cala Fredda. Continuing on the dirt road to the left, going uphill until you reach the Florio houses, you’ll find a trail on the right that follows the coast to the beautiful Cala Minnola. From here, the trail enters the greenery of the pine forest, well-marked by wooden signs. Following this trail uphill, you reach Cala Calcara, where you can enjoy the incredible view of the island’s east coast.

Case Florio Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: About 30 minutes

This route starts from the village, following the convenient dirt road that leads to Cala Fredda. Continuing to the left, you pass along the Forestale pine forest. Higher up on the right, you’ll find the Florio Houses, a stately home with interesting architectural features. The 1.4 km route is suitable for both walking and cycling.

Cala Minnola - Saracen Tower Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: About 1 hour

Starting from the village and reaching the forest trail near Cala Minnola, you arrive at a fork leading to the Saracen Tower, an ancient lookout structure situated at an elevation of 118 meters. The route is walkable and partially accessible by bicycle. This short hike takes about 20 minutes, with a moderate incline at the end. The tower, which can be visited inside, offers a wonderful view of the Florio houses below.

Levanzo Trail Map [PDF]

Download the Levanzo trail map and enjoy exploring the island at your own pace!

Remember to bring the right equipment, an ample water supply, and everything you need for a day immersed in nature.

Here is the free trekking trail map of Levanzo.

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